Paper industry.

Paper industry

  The main sections in paper making industry mainly includes pulp making, pressing, drying, polishing, rolling etc., and chemicals heating and solving, molding, pulp concentrating, pressing and drying process all needs heat source, so boiler is very necessary part for paper-making plant, to offer high temperature steam and send them to each sections of workshops. Because steam consumption is huge in paper making plant, which can take 10%-14% of the operating cost, so energy saving is an important way for paper-making plant to save cost.

  ZOZEN designed special type of boilers for paper-making plants which has high combustion efficiency and low running cost boilers and they are approved by customers. ZOZEN boilers have advanced full automatically control system with human-computer interface, customer only needs to set their program, boilers will work as per customers requirement to start, stop, adjust, feed water etc.

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